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St Cloud, FL

In Phaze Electric Inc does not charge to come to your home or business to discuss your electrical project with you and provide you with a free electrical quote. Many times we are able to give a rough estimate of an electrical project over the phone. Many electrical jobs that are to update or upgrade a customer’s electrical system due to age and wear and tear can be quoted a very close, and within industry standards quote, right over the phone.

In Phaze Electric Inc knows the age that we live in. As efficient of a company as we are, we have no issue with providing customers a free electrical quote. We do this because we generally acquire roughly 75% of all jobs we bid. That is a good turnaround and we understand and greatly appreciate the loyalty and trust that our customers show us. We truly look forward to meeting new customers and their homes or businesses.

Please note that we provide complete home electrical inspections for a low cost of $97. If your home is over ten years old it is out of date and does not meet current national electric codes. This is not a major concern. What is more of a concern is the old and deteriorated electrical devices such as plugs, switches, wiring connections in junction boxes, and old and possibly recalled electrical service equipment panels. If your home is 30 years or older and you have not had an inspection that you have personally had done in the last ten years, then we highly recommend that you have us out for a full home electrical inspection. We will look everywhere to find every electrical hazard in your home and give you an itemized list of electrical issues from most hazardous to least along with prices to repair the electrical item.

Please give us a call or email us today. We are eager to take your call and schedule a visit to your home or office.