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 generac generator generator installstion cost  In Florida, a power failure can last for days rather than hours. With Florida being prone to hurricane damaging winds, power failure is to be expected. In Phaze Electric Inc is an authorized Generac Power Systems dealer and we solely purchase and install Generac Generators. We are however able to install any other type of generator that our customers purchase but need us to install.

Backup generator installations can range from a cord and plug portable generator type emergency backup connection to a full home standby 200-400 amp automatic transfer switch and stationary generator. The price also ranges widely when considering emergency generator backup power.

 For example, before you make a purchase ask yourself a few questions:
  • What must absolutely continue to run if I lose all electrical power to my home or business?
  • How much current calculated and converted into watts will I need electrically from the generator?
  • Do I want an automatic or manual transfer? What is an automatic and manual transfer switch?
  • How much damage will the electrical contractor create?
  • Do I want the convenience of the whole house or business to be powered in the event of a power outage?

As you might realize there is much to consider and some formulating required to determine the best route to provide you with emergency backup generator power.


Cost of Generator Installation

 generac generator installation
 In Phaze Electric Inc has installed many portable generator installations with manual transfers for as little as $500.00 in some cases. You can purchase a portable 5KW generator from In Phaze Electric or any home improvement store for around $500.00 and up. For larger systems, 10KW and up, the cost of course goes up.

Whole house generators provide you with a sense of security knowing that if and when you lose power your generator will automatically start and keep you going. Prices for whole house automatic transfer emergency backup generator systems range from around $7250 for a standard 1600sf home and up to $20k for a 4500sf home.

Please take note that when considering a whole home generator you must factor in fuel. Nearly all stationary Generac generators are equipped to handle either propane or natural gas. We recommend a tank size no less than 500gl above ground or below. You should also note that the generator is scheduled to run for 12 minutes per week which will deplete the fuel. This will be a cost each year to consider. Having adequate fuel for your whole home generator is a major factor to consider. Please consult your local gas company for details and pricing.


We have chosen to sell Generac generators for a few reasons:

  • Generac generators are made in America.
  • The warranty and service programs are well managed for ease of mind.
  • Generac generators are built with the option of steel or aluminum enclosures.

There are many other green energy options to choose from that will lower your monthly electric bill and also allow you to run longer with less fuel, or even a smaller generator. Please call or email the owner directly and he will be more than happy to schedule a consultation over the phone or in person.

  Generators we sell and Install:


  • Generac Power Systems & Generac Generators
  • Coleman
  • Cummins-Onan
  • Echo, Inc.
  • Homelite
  • Honda
  • Kubota Tractor
  • Makita

  • Sears Craftsman
  • Southern Generators
  • Winco
  • Yamaha Motors


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