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A home or business remodel is unique in the sense that many times you are living or working on or around the remodel construction project. For homeowners who have never experienced this it can be overwhelming. A home or office remodel requires careful thought and consideration into all facets of each individual trade needed in the project. Proper scheduling is needed and it is highly recommended that you hire a state licensed general contractor or at a minimum consult with one. Improper planning can lead to a remodel project taking two to three times longer and could end up in double labor costs in some cases.
In Phaze Electric Inc. has completed over 100 home or office remodels since the start of the company in June of 2009. Our team has remodeled doctors’ offices, dentist offices, attorneys, realtors, and many more businesses throughout Orlando and the central Florida area. We are professionals, we are honest and we know how to treat our customer’s right. 

Our top home remodel seller is of course the kitchen. You could write a book on the infamous home kitchen. For In Phaze Electric Inc. it is of course lighting that we are most focused on. You can install all of the cabinets, appliances, flooring, countertops that you want but if you don’t light it up then you will never see its full potential. We provide free electrical estimates to discuss your homes kitchen lighting potential. We currently typically install LED lighting in all cases. Kitchen cabinet under counter LED strip lighting is offered in many color shades. LED recess lighting also comes in various colors. Lighting is critical in setting the tone or atmosphere in a home. Lighting is not just for you to see in the dark anymore, lighting can change your life.