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A home is more than just walls and paint. In Phaze Electric can transform your home into an atmosphere that you could never have imagined. Lighting atmosphere gives your home its personality. You may want it bright and full of life, or low, to set a romantic atmosphere. You can have the ability to adjust your lighting by the click of a remote or manually by dimmers. No matter the price of your home, In Phaze Electric can transform it into whatever personality you desire

Exterior Lighting Installation:

Exterior lighting serves many unique purposes. It adds attitude! It shows how proud you are of your home. Exterior and landscape lighting does much more than these pictures can show.

Exterior lighting can provide more than just adding beauty to your home, it can also provide security for you and your family. Regardless of where you live, or the value of your home, security lighting is a must have. The installation of motion sensor lighting is relatively inexpensive. We typically install dual lamp motion sensor lighting on various corners of the home. This allows all sides of the house to be lit if the motion device is set off. The typical cost of installing 1 motion sensor light is between $200.00 and $300.00. Please remember that we give free estimates. Just give us a call.