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 Let’s face it; it was the light bulb that brought electricity to the world. Our world is now lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, provided you pay your bill. Our economy and society as a whole can now go full speed around the clock all thanks to the invention of the light bulb.

Light bulbs are built in various ways. There are basically 2 types of light bulbs that can be manufactured in a handful of ways. The 2 basic types of light bulbs are gas or filament. Below are various types of light bulbs you can buy that are usually specific to the many needs our society requires:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Halogen
  • Light emitting diode (LED)
  • Discharge Lamp
  • Carbon Arc

The history of the light bulb goes back to 1802 with much great advancement in technology that now give us a near zero energy consumption as with LED lighting.

 electrician lighthouse lighting 

The Cardon Arc Lamp

The Carbon Arc lamp was primarily used in the early days and was well used for high lighting needs such as lighthouses, film projectors and search lights. This type of lighting has not been used since after WW2.
 street light discharge lamp 

The Discharge Lamp

The Discharge lamp is still used today primarily in street lighting, parking lot lighting, sign lighting and inside and outside commercial buildings. Discharge lighting such as High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor, Neon and Metal Halide require high voltage ballasts that generate high voltages to charge the gas inside of a vacuum tube. Only a skilled professional should attempt to diagnose and repair these types of lights.
 incandescent light bulb

The Incandescent Light Bulb

The incandescent light bulb is probably the most well-known, although LED lighting will likely replace all incandescent lighting in the near future. Some countries have banned incandescent lighting altogether. The incandescent light bulb is designed with a tungsten or carbon filament which illuminates when electricity is conducted through the filament. This of course generates a high amount of heat, and simply put heat is the enemy of electric energy consumption. Heat is dispensed and wasted electricity if not purposefully meant for heating reasons and even if for heating purposes the consumption of electricity or cost of energy is increased dramatically.
 halogen lamp 

The Halogen Light

Halogen lights are also a sort of filament bulb that is a little less on consumption but high on heat. Halogen lamps generate a high amount of heat which can cause fires or burn.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting in recent years, up until the development of LED lighting, has been the main choice for engineers and builders when constructing large commercial buildings. Fluorescent lighting is a gas type lamp and utilizes an autotransformer to excite the fluorescent gas particles. Fluorescent lamps are becoming a thing of the past. The cost to provide lighting to large office buildings has been decreased significantly by the use of fluorescent lighting; however, there are some side effects with fluorescent lighting. All fluorescent and gas lamps contain small amounts of mercury which if not disposed of properly are a detriment to our environment. All major cities throughout America have disposal sites to dispose of any used fluorescent lamps. At the turn of the 21st century compact fluorescent lighting became popular within homes. The cost to purchase these lamps was and is higher than incandescent but the idea is that the lamp will last about twice as long and the consumption of electricity is about half. It was at the time a good return on your investment. Currently, LED lighting by far, will provide you with the best return on your initial investment.
 Light emitting diode (LED)

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LED lighting is the future of lighting, other than the sun of course. LED is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. A diode is a two terminal electronic component with zero resistance to current in one direction and a high or preferably infinite amount of resistance to current in the opposite direction. It is like a collision of electricity or mini big bang. LED lamps and lighting can last up to 20 years and consume very small amounts of electricity to provide necessary lighting. Our electricians and service managers do all we can to inform our customers about all of the great advantages of upgrading to LED lighting. Think about this; how much does a 60 watt incandescent light bulb or CFL lamp cost? $9 lets say. How often do you replace the bulb? Roughly every 2 years. How much heat does the lamp dissipate into the air conditioned environment? Lastly, how much does the lamp use in electricity? There are savings calculators all over the internet. The simple answer is about 90% less. Considering just the replacement cost of $90 over a 20 year period one would have to soon realize the many benefits and savings of upgrading to LED lighting. Last but not least; the lighting temperature and clarity is amazing with LED’s. Honestly it is by far the best lighting out there.



interior led lighting

 As you can see there is quite a bit to know with regards to lighting of which we have barely scratched the surface. Lighting is a lifestyle and seeing is believing. Let our team at In Phaze Electric transform your home into an atmosphere tailored specifically to your wants and needs. Here is a list of the numerous ideas for lighting that we have installed:

  • LED under-cabinet strip lighting. We have installed LED’s in toe kicks, glass cabinets and over the cabinet creating a glowing kitchen. It’s quite amazing.
  • LED recess lighting of all shapes and sizes. We typically install the complete light and trim kit.
  • Exterior security lighting: Nearly all exterior lighting can be purchased with dual-bright/dusk to dawn motion and photocell activated sensors. This allows you to leave the switch on and the fixture does all the rest.
  • Landscape lighting: There are 2 types of landscape lighting; low voltage and high voltage. In our experience the 120 volt landscape lighting seems to see less service and maintenance. Before spending your money on a store bought low voltage landscape lighting kit, consider Solar or give us a call for a bid to have a 120 volt landscape lighting system installed.
  • Fluorescent lighting installation or maintenance and service: In Phaze Electric Inc. has been called out to hundreds of businesses to replace ballasts and lamps for fluorescent fixtures. Give us a call if you need us.
  • Pool lighting and repair: A pool light replacement typically costs $450 to $550 to replace. Most pool lighting is 120 volt. Occasionally we see an old 24 volt low volt pool lighting system.
  • Commercial lighting installation and service and repair: We have received many calls concerning emergency lights and exit signs. Occasionally a fire inspector will make rounds looking for inoperative emergency lights and exit signs. He will write a warning typically to have the fixture repaired or replaced within so many days. If the inspector returns and the fixtures are not repaired or replaced the business owner will be given a fine. Keep In Phaze Electric Inc. in mind to have those problems taken care of.
  • Commercial sign and parking lot pole lighting: In Phaze Electric charges a flat price of $250 per day to have a lift on site. Regardless of the amount of time the lift is needed the rate of $250 will be billed. Our hourly rate is $50 per half hour to make the lighting repairs. In Phaze Electric Inc. always, no matter what, will replace all electric components and lamps in a sign or fixture which usually consists of a ballast and lamp. We will replace the lamp holder if any signs of rust or damage are seen. Many times we offer a simple flat rate of $150 to rebuild the fixture plus the cost of the lift. We also discount the price if many fixtures need repair.
  • No matter your lighting needs, give In Phaze Electric Inc. a call. I can promise that your lighting installation or repair will be billed fairly and within industry standards and the job will be complete and to your satisfaction and also comes with a one year warranty on parts (if supplied) and labor.