If your home is even just a couple of decades old, its electrical wiring could be woefully inadequate for 21st-century usage. The demands for electrical power and its applications have changed significantly in recent years, which makes the wiring in many older homes significantly obsolete. For instance, according to Bob Vila, older homes typically have 120-volt and 15-amp outlets. That said, if you don’t know what you need, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here’s how a residential electrician could help to rewire your home for the 21st century.

Stripping Old Wiring

Rewiring your home requires removing the old electrical wiring. Your residential electrician can create a systemic plan to strip old wiring from your home and prepare it to install the new wiring. Once the old wiring is stripped, your electrician can dispose of it properly. With wiring, that often means removing the insulation and recycling the copper.

Installing New Wiring

Your electrician should have a plan for the new wiring in your home and reflect your intended use, which will determine how the electrician will rewire your home. The plan should include a completely new electrical wiring diagram that will enable your home to support current demands for electrical usage. The wiring also should enhance safety and lessen the potential for an electrical fire.

Ensuring Compliance With Building Codes

Building codes continually change to reflect the technological and safety innovations that occur over time. Electrical wiring in residential properties is subject to building codes that are designed for safety, but older homes generally are grandfathered to allow them to remain in use. Grandfather clauses usually require upgrading electrical systems to modern standards when electricians rewire homes. Your residential electrician should know what upgrades are needed to make your home compliant with current building codes.

Wiring Rooms for Special Uses

Depending on the hobbies you and your family take part in, you might benefit from professional wiring services. Are you planning any additions to your home? These plans will need to be properly verified by a licensed electrician, who will then come up with the necessary electrical blueprints to submit for a permit. Dedicated home theaters, for instance, are a popular addition to many homes. The general affordability of high-quality, large-screen TVs and audio systems makes it easy to convert unused bedrooms, basement space, or other areas into home theaters. A residential electrician can rewire your home to support rooms for which you might intend a special use, such as a home theater or maybe a hobby room.

Wiring Smart Systems

Smart technology enables modern homes to automate much of their power usage. With smart technology, it is possible to have more items that draw electricity without actually increasing your home’s electrical use. Smart technology can help to dim lights or turn them off in unoccupied rooms, control the thermostat, and make HVAC systems work more efficiently. Smart technology could greatly improve your home life and minimize utility usage with the help of a residential electrician who rewires your home.

Installing New Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers help to protect electrical systems against overloading and possibly causing electrical fires. When too much power is drawn into a circuit, the circuit breaker detects it and shuts down the power to the affected circuit. A residential electrician can rewire your home and install a new circuit breaker to safely manage the rewired circuit. New outlets, appliances, and lighting all are protected against overloading the circuit and causing damage to appliances or your home.

Improving Outdoor Lighting

A residential electrician also can make your outdoor spaces more visible and safer during the nighttime hours. Rewiring your home could include new power sources for outdoor lighting that illuminate your driveway, walkways, and the home’s exterior. You can make outdoor spaces safer and more secure by lighting dark areas and installing security cameras to record whatever might occur.

If your property is old enough to benefit from these improvements, give us a call at In Phaze Electric Inc today. Our expert team would be happy to answer your questions about residential electrician services and provide a quote for your property. With over 30 years of experience, we have the skills and resources to ensure your home electrical system is the best it can be.

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